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Get more event registrations, keep attendees engaged during the event, and not only get them coming back every year but also encourage them to promote your event!

Download our 'Increase the impact and reach of your event' Case Study for TiEcon 2016

Our Media Lounge can drive brand awareness, and increased media exposure through TV, Press and Social Media.

Download our case study to see how we helped TiEcon amplify the reach of their event.

Here are some of the benefits of having a Media Lounge at your event:

  • Increase brand awareness and visibility of your event

  • Share your key messages with a global audience, through Traditional channels like TV and Press as well as Digital Media channels

  • Ensure conversations continue beyond the walls of the conference

  • Increase engagement among the participants during the event

  • Offer a red carpet experience to the attendees

  • Have your attendees promote your event for you

  • Increase probability of your attendees returning for your event year after year!

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