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Each organization, irrespective of its size, wants to increase their brand visibility. Who doesn’t want more customers? The dawn of social media caused a disruption in the industry that earlier, only allowed companies with big budgets and individuals with the right connections to share their message with a global audience. But social media opened the gates for each individual and organization to reach out to anyone, anywhere and form meaningful connections. 


That though, requires a lot of time, patience, resources, and perseverance. We asked ourselves, "Is there a simpler way to provide content and have a greater reach with lesser effort?"


Glad you asked!


ooNee was born out of the desire to connect people. Stories shouldn’t have boundaries. We wanted to give everyone the chance to share their narratives globally. And what better way to do that than broadcast them through video, social media, TV and Press?


We wanted to share untold anecdotes of grit, determination, passion and transformation. Our goal was to inform and inspire others. That desire goes into everything we do!


And we believe that each one of us carries a story within ourselves. At ooNee we help you share yours. Don’t think you have a story worth sharing? Wait till you meet us!


We are causing another disruption in the industry by offering individuals and organizations the opportunity to affordably share their story with a global audience through 1-on-1 interviews, videos, digital marketing and unique business processes only made by ooNee, through various forms of press and media, like TV and News channels. Now everyone can be a celebrity and share their story!

HISTORY Highlights

2001 - Launched networking mixer events to promote non-profit and charitable causes to create awareness and fundraise

2005 - 2009 Promotions through interviews, media content development and marketing 

2010 Harbir joined TV Show to become a coproducer and host

2010- Co-Produced Farmer Suicide Short documenteary to create awareness of issue

2011-2012 - Partnered with  local TV channels to use interviews and promo messaging to maximize reach and awareness of initiatives and promotion of non profit events; introduced the concept of doing interviews with keynote speakers and managing pre event activities like interviewing keynote speakers and broadcasting on channels like Times Now


2012 - Produced opening videos for conferences and organizations. Used lean models to improve media and press engagement. Onsite event interviews with attendees for POC of media lounge.


2013 - Press and Media business processes designed to maximize engagement, media buzz creation, and increase content development. ooNee Media Lounge at TiEcon launched.    


2014 - ooNe Media Lounge at various events and other services


2017- Launch of ooNee Press Kit for story telling and highlights of organization to gain interest from Press

FOUNDER, Harbir Kaur Bhatia

Harbir is a successful IT Business Development Executive with over 20 years of industry experience in Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Account Management, Program Management, Alliances Quality Assurance, and Systems Engineering for small tolarge enterprises in ISV. Harbir also has over 20 years of experience in community programming for non-profits.

Harbir is very passionate about building awareness and inspiring others through the stories of women, thought leaders, under-dogs, and every day heroes. She launched ooNee Studios to highlight the stories of innovation, transformation, triumph, and entrepreneurship to inspire people, through social media and tradtional media interviews. She has also hosted a show on a Women's TV channel, and produced Media Lounges for TiEcon conferences.

Harbir enjoys inspiring and connecting people to provide opportunities and value for all. She is on a constant quest to make things better!

Education: MS Engineering Management, BS Electrical Engineering.
Membership Highlights: MKF, TiE, The Women's Forum,  Board Member of Santa Clara Library Foundation, Rotary Club of Santa Clara, Board of Chamber of Commerce, Cultural Commissioner for Santa Clara

Shiwain Kaul,

Director Operations

Large Heading

Savinder Singh, 

Director of Programs

Jaya Gautam

Director of Productions

Sulakshna Srivastava

Director of Digital Marketing

Ashish Batwara

Ankita Kaul

Lara Kaur Boucher

Preena Soni

Vaishala Kumar

Gurmeet Lakhani

Jasbir Singh


Sai Patro

Jyotica Bhatia

Aaryan Gautam


Thanks to Many Volunteers

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